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4 Ways to Strengthen the Mother-Son Bond

Any parent-child bond doesn’t just happen; it takes wisdom and intentional effort. Here are 4 tips I hope will encourage you in building a strong relationship between you and your son: Tip # 1: Boys Communicate Differently Than Girls When you’re raising boys, you will probably notice that they do a lot of their communicating through their actions […]

9 Insanely Impactful Lessons Working Moms Teach Their Daughters

While many mothers who work outside of their homes may experience “working mom guilt” because of the time they spend away from their families, a Harvard Business School study finds that working mothers are more likely to raise successful daughters. To gain some perspective on this finding, I sat down with our co-founder, Romy Newman. A working […]

8 Ways to Be a Good Mother Instead of a Perfect One

I think it’s fair to say that each one of us enters motherhood with a set of beliefs or expectations about what it means to be a good mother. We develop these beliefs from the pressure of our communities and society as a whole, the experiences with our own parents, and through the expectations of friends, family, […]