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I’m an introspective parent – A real story

You want to have a relationship with your daughter that includes fun and joy. It’s not your responsibility to obsess over pleasing her at all times, sure, but in any relationship, including parent-child relationships, it’s great if there’s a lot of positivity and mutual enjoyment of each other’s company. There are two parts to this. […]

As a father what is it like to have an attractive daughter?

The messages are utterly confusing and start from a surprisingly young age. “Don’t cry!” “You’ll be fine” “Don’t be such a drama queen” Our culture is not known for its tolerance of emotion. After all, emotions can be loud. Emotions can be messy, and emotions can be challenging. Look no further than your neighborhood park […]

Hilarious one but cherished memory to our dad – daughter path.

My dad works for railways he would be on-rail work all the time he went to work on sunday and returned on Tuesday night around 7:00 PM I was furious towards him as he wasn’t there at home on Sunday looking at how tired he was I allowed him to sleep and left the room. […]

Ami Shah’ story

The moment had arrived as little Advaita’s mother finally came home from Hospital, with her new born baby boy. Everyone had gathered at her house to welcome them with various gifts like Baby care products, Diapers, Toys, Baby clothes etc. While everyone was busy playing with baby, Advaita’ mother asked her husband “Where is Adu?” “Mumma….” a […]

Rhea was the apple of her father’s eye.

Being the only child, she has always been over pampered. Her wish was his command. She was her little princess and everything was offered to her on a silver platter. Finding a true soulmate who could keep her princess happy for the rest of the life was the only concern of a loving Dad. But […]

A heartfelt letter from a Dad to his Daughter

Dear Priya, I wanted to let you go after which I had to write about you. When you were born, we were overjoyed. Your little steps brought joy and prosperity in our house. We were not a well off family but we always tried to provide you the best upbringing that we could afford. As […]