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How to understand your teenage daughter

Understanding your child, let alone a teenage daughter can be a frustrating experience. Loud arguments, name calling and miscommunication abound when raising a teenager. Instead of perpetuating the pattern, come to understand what makes your daughter tick by talking with and acknowledging her feelings. In doing so, you’ll not only understand your daughter but can […]

Advice For My Daughter: You are a Warrior

Life is exciting, colorful, and yes, difficult. Just when you think you’ve got everything under control, an obstacle will write itself into your perfectly planned story. Friends will let you down. Companies will let you go. Illness will creep its way under your skin and threaten you in ways you never knew possible. But you […]

Advice For My Daughter: Find Your People

There are almost 8 billion people in the world. That’s 8 billion possibilities for human connection. 8 billion people who could hold your hand when you are sick. 8 billion people who might laugh at the same weird things that you laugh at. But most of them won’t. And that’s ok. Find your people. Over […]

8 things to say to your daughter before she’s grown

1. Learn the word NO. Sure, I don’t like it one bit when you say it to me, but in the big, scary world out there you will be faced with endless tough choices. From boys to beers to inappropriate Instagram photos, potential trouble will lurk everywhere you go. You know that little voice you have inside, […]

If a daughter had a very attractive father, how would she act around him?

My parents are old enough to be my grandparents. My dad is a great guy. Legendary, perhaps, but I’m clearly biased. His looks seem to be attractive to many people. He is 6’4, muscular, African American, with a bright smile, kind eyes, and often doesn’t look a day over 55 even though he’ll be 80 […]